Our Vision ???​

Bridging Opportunities for women, youth (girls and boys), children, Special Peoples, Gross root level organization and marginalized communities towards Development and Healthy Nation.

Mission & Message of the President (TCF)

Talent Care Foundation (TCF) Mission is to promote the development of youngsters and especially women in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social, education and spiritual potential, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.

We believe that we all have a common dream!

We would all like to see a world with less racism, drugs and violence, more love and happiness, and better understanding between people. The big question is, can we achieve these things through “TALENT CARE FOUNDATION”

We have all the knowledge and the ambition to provide them with support, to poor and needy peoples and give them self-confidence, teach them to rely on themselves and give them the means to walk through life with a sense of health security and pride.

Our Foundation functions as an extended family, providing mentorship to help guiding us through the changes of life. Everyone is welcome to join us; men, women, young, old, disabled. We all have something to learn, and something to teach. We are here for YOU, for US, for EACH OTHER. We are a team.


In our particular way of touching tomorrow – today. We invite everyone to join with us in our quest: to bring about a lasting peace upon our planet.





Advisory Board


International Health & Sport Trainers

Current Situation Preface of Pakistan

Education is the basic building block of every society. It is the single best investment countries can make towards building prosperous, healthy and equitable Societies.  Pakistan, since its independence, has been trapped in a deep trench regard to several issues, spanning social, political, economical and cultural realities. Week economic condition, poor education, poverty, less opportunities for employment and development, negative religious and political influence, bad law and order situation and injustice have lured the youth towards radicalization, extremism, child labor, terrorism, crime, ignorance and hatred. Up to 3.8 million children in the age group of 14- 15 years are working in Pakistan out of 40 million children from this age group. So scoping Nation Resource Development organization is dedicated to respond to these challenges, with a prime mandate to strengthen the society and youth through community mobilization, youth awareness and volunteer youth support forums to ensure that the youth is facilitated at all levels of their career through community awareness, youth representation, women empowerment, trainings and help through trainings and capacity building on various issues including especially career development. Secondly as we know that Women are about 48.5 % of Pakistan’s total population. In Pakistan, women are 28% of the total workforce yet they generate 40% of production. But it is or unfortunate that woman of Pakistan is not empowered as she should be not even at household level, earning and education nor she even knows about her value, rights and responsibilities, law and rules. She is just pressed under the traditions, but luckily with time being INGO’s and NGO’s are trying to cut these roots. Nation Resource Development Organization is focusing to Empower women to the point where she can play a important role in the development of Nation.

Operational Clusters of Talent Care Foundation