Operational Clusters


  • Awareness about rights and responsibilities of citizens about their values
  • Advocacy on right of inheritance
  • Community mobilization
  • Health and hygiene promotion
  • Community based organizations motivation and training to take step towards development.
  • Mother and child health
  • Parent teacher relationship and mobilization towards understanding
  • Youth mobilization to play their best part as a part of nation
  • Promotion of Institutional Development at gross root level
  • Promotes inclusive and sustainable human development through Social development and poverty reduction in all its dimensions.

Sports & Health & Career Training Center

  • International level Sports & Physical Health training center especially for boys & girls.
  • Physical Health training center include following courses
  • Basic Logic of Sports & Physical Health,
  • Advance Sports Training
  • Coaching Classes
  • Avoid Form All type of Drugs
  • Positive Mental Level Trainings
  • Physical Fitness Trainings
  • Special Trainings Camps
  • Awareness Workshops in School, Colleges & University
  • Participation Intercity to National International & World Level Championships.

Basic and Advance Computer Courses & Training

Basic computer courses include following basic courses

  • Microsoft word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft power point
  • Microsoft outlook
  • Email and Net surfing
  • Basic properties of computer

Advance computer courses include following Advance courses

  • Advance office courses
  • Microsoft excess
  • Microsoft Advance Excel
  • Microsoft word Press
  • Executive email writing
  • SEO courses
  • Data base courses
  • Courses including web search and website making

Youth Career Development & Welfare

  • Youth Career through trainings
  • Youth career outlines to access jobs
  • Basic guideline and awareness for Better Education
  • Awareness Seminars, conventions, meetings, program and other trainings are arranged
  • Approaching job Opportunities
  • Online Jobs for students
  • Skill Development Courses
  • Youth forums for unity of youth at one place

Entertainment programs for awareness

  • Entertainment programs are arranged for awareness about different issues like
  • Importance of library programs with school
  • Debate Competition
  • Painting competition
  • International Student day’s program
  • English Language proficiency seminars
  • Group Activities and etc

Agriculture & Livestock

Enhancement of Livelihood & agriculture
  • Improved land rights, agriculture governance and effective market mechanism for small producers, especially women.
  • Improve health and hygiene for the better health of Cattles.
  • Sustainable earning through livestock specially for women
  • Sustainable development / opportunities through livelihood options.
Promote the Infrastructure & Forestation
  • To promote activities to integrate environmental education into conservation programs of leading government agencies and Local Support Organizations.
  • To promote plantation
  • To promote hygiene
  • To promote healthy living ways
  • Linkages development with Government line agencies.
  • Provision of Community Physical Infrastructure
  • Promotion of uses of new technologies in the field of Agriculture
  • Sustainable opportunities for the marginalized communities to access the use of new machinery
  • Guideline and training for the farmers